National Park Safari Sri Lanka

National Park Safari takes you on a tour inside Sri Lanka’s largest national park and takes Unique safari experience in Sri Lanka. Located in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka’s long and ancient history means that there is a wealth of incredible sites to explore on this marvelous island.
Luckily for visitors, there are ample opportunities to view the wildlife, whether it is in one of the 26 National Parks of Sri Lanka, trekking through the unspoiled landscape many species call home.

Popular mammals for the wildlife enthusiasts in Sri Lanka’s National Parks to spot include leopards (especially in Yala National Park which has a high population density of this amazing predator), sloth bears and the Asian elephant (especially in Udawalawa National Park) which is an endangered species.

Many of the National Parks in Sri Lanka is also home to an amazing array of flora and birds. Wilpattu National Park, Kumana National Park, Bundalama National park is one of the best places on the island for bird spotting being renowned for its great population of domestic and migratory water birds.